Rrëshen Caritas in collaboration with Caritas Albania, through various services offered in the community, it has shown that it has always been and continues to be close to people in need. This is best proven with the service provided to the people affected by terminal illness. There are three years to the service offered in our diocese to the city of Rreshen. It is sad to see how the number of people affected by cancer grows day by day. The service offered has been multidisciplinary, offering service alongside nursing and spiritual assistance which has completed the best service offering this assistance at their home. Rrëshen is rated as the area that needs this service and is relatively poor area, primarily the informal peripheral zones.
It’s sad when the media talk about the increasing number of people affected by cancer, in 2014 the number of new cancer cases is 7000 and only 40% have the opportunity to benefit service in the apartment. Precisely from these data and knowing public health structures (SOB) cover with very little service compared with the real needs that have this category, evidenced the importance of providing this service to the apartment to them. Not enough finding the diagnosis, not enough a few days in the hospital or description of some drugs. Is this enough? Where is the spiritual dimension? If after these medical services, what happens to these people? Who treats for a dignified end of life without pain? Is it right that they should die in misery without someone to ease the physical and spiritual pain? There are many questions that sometimes it is difficult for us to respond. But thanks to this project have understand how important it is that these people are associated to an easier passage to the next world by easing the pain somewhat, by staying with them and by shaking hands to say that you are not alone in these difficult moments of their lives. Caritas Albania supporting us as Diocesan Caritas in this project has always regarded as extremely important this service to these people and we always try to provide maximum care, and spiritual dimensions of human presence at the last moment without expecting something in return of them, as mentioned in the parable of the good Samaritan “everything will spend more will reward you on my return.” Diocesan Caritas has been and will always be close to these people who need and want our help. It is a special feeling when you hold their hand and have a thank at the end. We hope that this project will be a constant work with these people who need us.