Rrëshen city located in the northern part of Albania, and like any other city, it is populated by a minority of gipsy otherwise called Rom.
Today live around 50 Rom families in Rrëshen, living conditions and overall quality of life is very bad. They have no support from the state and even less from society. The only work they can do is to clean the streets and the anointing shoes of those few individuals who require their services. Their settlements are outside the city and never commit to participate in different activities offered by community, the reasons are different, but the worst is that these people and the worst of all, children are exploited by other people who are forced to do different work. Permanent activities are: to beg on the streets of the city and the money that you donate is being spent to buy cigarettes.
For this with the help of Caritas Verona, Italy in 2011, it was made possible beginning of a project just for this social level and for children in difficulty Rrëshen city. The project has three years that is operating in Rreshen. The number of children has increased from 15 (fifteen) to 35 (thirty-five) children who attend the center regularly. Frequency of the school is 4 times a week. Two classes per day.
Besides continuing work with children we have come to work and support their families who have greater economic and social difficulties. We managed to organize meetings in various aspects sanitary and other meetings in educational terms. Also in collaboration with Diocesan Caritas volunteers to Rreshen we have done some activities with these children.
The project continues constantly and the participation of children is increasing.